Energy & Climate

Climate change is currently one of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Our children’s and grandchildren’s future depends on our success in reaching the two-degree goal by limiting green house gases emissions globally. Here, the legitimate interests of the emerging and developing countries must be adequately addressed. Environmental technology can make a significant contribution to this goal. BZL Kommunikation und Projektsteuerung GmbH has been working for many years in various fields of ecological assessment of environmental technology.

In this sector we offer the following services:

  • Ecological assessment by life cycle analyses
  • Expertises and opinions on matters concerning different aspects of climate protection
  • Media Development and communication

Our detailled offers and references are shown on our German website, page Klimaschutz.

In September 2013, the European Parliament performed its consultations on the new EU legislation on the topic „indirect Land Use Change“ (iLUC). The regulatory proposals offered for download here have been created for these discussions and have been treated in the EP. The strength of these proposals is that iLUC is combated at the roots of the problem - in those countries where rain forest deforestation and conversion of carbon-rich areas is practiced. Download: