Our Services:
The BZL offers various services in the areas communication and project management.
Feel free to contact us to talk about how we can assist you:

  • provide you with our know-how and prepare info materials such as our reports and presentations
  • acquire relevant data for you in our fields of knowledge and publish scientific reports
  • assess environmental management, practices and used technolgies of your institution
  • or advise you in policy-related aspects

One focus of our service is the project control (including approval management) and the controlling of project participants. We have been active in various approval procedures for applicants, respondens or approving authorities.

  • Preparation of documents for the applicant
  • Implementation of coordination with the authorities
  • Verification on behalf of the authorities
  • Controlling of project participants.

To learn more about our services, visit the following pages, explaining our projects in the following fields:

See also BZL News for our ongoing projects.