Energy & Climate

The BZL team has been engaged in environmental affairs for around 30 years – in the meantime we have published many of our results and projects, most of them in German, see


English Publications

  • Lahl U.: Proposal rejected. The EU Commission has failed in the first round with its biofuel legislation on ”indirect Land Use Change” (iLUC) ReSource 4, 39-46, 2013
    Download: Updated version, edited by ufop (pdf, 0,7 MB)
  • Pieprzyk B., Lahl U.: Looking back – an analysis of the development of the agricultural production an deforestation worldwide: an article on the current global iLUC-discussion. International Journal of Technology 1: 1-14, 2013
    External link: Publication (pdf, 0,8 MB)


  • Lahl U., Pieprzyk B.: iLUC – risks, remedies and regulations: The role of good governance for a sustainable development. Journal of Oil Palm &The Environment 2012, 3:98-106. doi:10.5366/jope.2012.10
    External link: Publication (pdf, 0,6 MB)


  • Lahl U.: An analysis of iLUC and biofuels. Regional quantification of climate-relevant land use change and options for combating it. Sugar Industry 136 No. 4, 224-228, 2011
  • Lahl, U.: An Analysis of iLUC and Biofuels - Regional quantification of climate-relevant land use change (LUC) and options for combating it. Copa – Cogeca: Indirect land use change related to biofuels and bioliquids: what option would you choose? Seminar, Brussels, 3. Mai 2011
    Download: Slides (pdf, 1.0 MB)


  • Zeschmar-Lahl B.: Waste-to-energy Compared To Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT) And Co-combustion Of Municipal Waste. ISWA World Congress 2010, Hamburg, 17. November 2010.
    Download: Paper (pdf, 0,11 MB)
    Download: Slides (pdf, 0,73 MB)
  • Lahl, U., Zeschmar-Lahl, B.: Climate Change Scenarios 2050 – Challenges for the Waste Management Sector. DepoTech 2010, 3.-5. November 2010, Leoben (A). Proceedings, Eds.: Lorber K.E., et al., S. 317-326, 2010
    Download: Abstract (engl.) (pdf, 20 kB)


  • Zeschmar-Lahl B.: A comparison between Waste-to-Energy and Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT). Waste-to-Energy, State of the Art and Latest News. 24.-25.11.2009, Malmö, Schweden
    Download: Presentation slides (pdf, 0,7 MB)