ABAS UA2 - The German Committee for Biological Agents, Subcommittee 2

Since 1995, the German Committee for Biological Agents (ABAS) has been counseling the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) regarding occupational safety in operations with biological agens (microorganisms in the broadest sense). For this purpose, clause 17 of the German Biological agents ordinance forms the legal basis. In intervals of four years the commission is appointed anew. The ABAS’ constitutive conference for the period between 2008 and 2012 took place in 2008 on July 19th at the BMAS in Berlin.

The ABAS has three subcommittees (UAs). Since 2002, Dr. Zeschmar-Lahl has been representing trade unions (ver.di) in the UA2 “Protective Measures/Matters of Technical Safety” of the ABAS, in the UA2 working group “Waste Management” and in the UA2 working group “TRBA 220 Sewage plants”, which was founded in 2009.

Since 2002, the UA2 has been contributing, amongst other things, to the “German Technical Rules for Biological Agents” (TRBAs), statements and reports of the ABAS, like :

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